For the good of humanity :D I spent 20 minutes on a Twitter bragging profile doing giveaway.

3 min readDec 29, 2021


I’ve been intrigued another time by a generous Twitter person doing NFT giveaway on Twitter because they are soooooo generous and so rich…

So a few things as you can see his Clone X #14680 is owned by another address than he pretends on his tweet:

PedroBailey doesn’t exist as an ENS nor as Opensea account.

His twitter is showing Punk 7337,
This address owns 13 punks that have never been touched since early 2017 (how practical this would be!! No?)

If you scroll down his Twitter account, he keeps doing giveaway, with a lot of engagements from people dreaming to be as rich as he is, bragging constantly, about travel, watches, cars, and what ever you could think of. One day his left arms is entirely tattooed, another day it is not.

Some picture he uses, can be found somewhere else with a reverse search

His first tweet is literally that one made only 6 months ago:

doesn’t match with the old OG holding 13 punks. :D

I hope I’m not wrong on this Pedro, but literally nothing make sense, and I keep seeing account like that.

Lot of giveaways on Twitter are fake, stop spreading them you just give free followers to people that will then promote scam projects getting a fake influence that could mislead new comers in the space.